Players: Minimum 2 – 6 Players / 50 Minutes
Admission: $28 tax included
Difficulty Level: 25% Success Rate
Scare Factor: 1

Game Designer: Craig a.k.a The Professor

For years Northern Vancouver has been a hot spot for UFO sightings. What could these strange objects in the sky mean? Are we being contacted?

You and your friends are UFO enthusiasts. Determined to witness an encounter, you hack into the Air Force database to find an area with the most sightings. With a location in mind, everyone heads out into the wilderness in search for signs of extraterrestrial activity.

As night falls, a strange object appears in the sky. Suddenly, a strong beam of light hovers over you and fills the air with an eerie buzz. The group loses consciousness and awakens in a room full of blue lights…

One thing for certain, you all are not alone…