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Game Designer: Simon a.k.a Hyde

As an archaeologist, anything ancient and pertaining to history catches my attention. So when we heard about the possibility of undiscovered monuments in the Ruins, we were definitely intrigued. Within days we were on a plane and heading to our excursion. On our first day, we toured the most well known sites, but of course there’s no way we could leave without exploring its most prized possessions deep in the layers of the uncharted grounds. We slowly found ourselves straying further and further from the rest of the group. As our eyes adjusted to the dark, we used our flashlights to reveal Ancient artifacts scattered all around us. We finally found what we were looking for. We entered a dimly lit room and proceeded to examine our surroundings. Suddenly, we felt the ground tremble heavily as a giant stone door emerged from the floor – blocking our only exit behind us! Realizing we are trapped, we must escape as quickly as possible before the ruins collapse!